“We cannot be in the present and run our storylines at the same time.”
-Pema Chődrőn


A global campaign to raise awareness around the power of the storylines we live with. Where do the stories come from? Who influenced the stories and how are the stories serving us? The examination of our stories is an empowering part of healing. ENDPAIN wants to support you in exploring how stories impact your feelings about yourself and the world around you.


Every time we talk about ourselves, we’re telling a story. Sometimes, though, we get caught up in telling a story that isn’t our own. Maybe it’s a story we’ve been taught to believe is ours by our parents or society. Maybe we tell a fairytale version of our story because the real one is too painful or embarrassing or ‘boring’ to share. Our stickers provide an opportunity to disrupt those false narratives and confront, without judgement, what truly can be called “your story.”


On the back of the sticker are three simple instructions:

  • Write/draw/collage your story within the black frame of the sticker—or get crafty! Anything goes when it comes to self-expression.
  • Stick your sticker anywhere you want—in your bedroom, on a lamp post in your neighborhood, on the inside cover of your journal—wherever you want your story to be seen.
  • Share your story by taking a pic of the sticker in the world and sharing over social media with the hashtag #endpain.


To dismantle feelings of fear, shame, and guilt, which are being driven by storylines that do not serve your best interest. Telling and sharing your story not only helps you align with the power of your experiences—traumas and triumphs alike—but it also helps empower others to tell theirs, creating an ever-expanding network of people helping, sharing, and learning from each other.

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