Having confronted addiction in his own life, Koorosh founded Evo Health and Wellness with the vision to break the stigma around mental health and create a world of healthier people, families, and communities.

As a trained therapist, Koorosh integrates a humanistic approach and mindfulness into his therapy and coaching work, collaborating with clients to help them become curious about their own experiences and unlock possibilities. At the Matrix Institute on Addictions, Koorosh specialized in working with young adults dealing with drug, alcohol, and addiction issues. As Director of Mindfulness at Alternatives Behavioral Health, he helped develop a program to support clients to successfully adopt their desired lifestyle, whether abstinence or moderation. He holds a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and a Bachelor of Science in Public Policy and Management from the University of Southern California (USC).

Formerly a competitive athlete, Koorosh deeply understands the connection between mind and body. He integrates somatic practices into his work to support clients to address trauma and develop new tools to regulate fight or flight responses. He has undergone extensive training in mindfulness practices, including yoga, multiple breathwork modalities, somatic experiencing, and meditation techniques.

Koorosh has a love for biking, surfing, meditation, and yoga. He has a five-year-old son who also keeps him learning and growing.
Interview By Grace Gregory
In her work as a creative producer for ENDPAIN, Grace draws on her degree in American Studies as well as her experience writing, acting, photographing, and working in radio. She strives to bring compassion, empathy, and thoughtfulness to each ENDPAIN project she works on.
Profiling EVO Health & Wellness


This interview is part our 2-month dedication to the theme of Addiction, which will unfold throughout the rest of September.

Evo Health and Wellness is an addiction treatment center in Venice, CA. But unlike the majority of rehabilitation or treatment programs, Evo’s starting point is curiosity – curiosity about the context of the individual’s suffering, and about the function their addictive behavior might be serving. Is it filling a void where something has gone missing? Is it soothing the pain of a wound? What are the traumas endured or internal beliefs harbored by someone that would cause them to self-medicate in a way that is harmful and destructive?

After addressing some of these questions, the subsequent step is to figure out what the patient wants their relationship to the substance to look like, giving them the space to imagine a new way of living and the tools to rewrite their story. Against the backdrop of the powerful, rigid and profit-driven “addiction industry,” Evo’s fluid, holistic and compassionate approach is an outlier, and its philosophy radical: to respect people where they are and where they would like to go. With that in mind, sobriety is not always the goal. While some who move through the program do wish to get sober and are supported in that, others might wish for alternative goals; if somebody enters the program wanting to reshape their relationship to alcohol in order to feel safe and comfortable enjoying a glass of wine at dinner, then Evo will help them achieve that.

ENDPAIN wanted to profile Evo to remind our community that there are programs, centers and resources out there that will meet you where you’re at and let you steer the ship of your own “recovery” and “healing” – whatever that means to you. There is no singular or correct way to overcome an addiction, and centers like Evo are helping loosen the rigidity of the addiction treatment industry so that more people in the world will feel comfortable and respected enough to seek help if they need it.

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