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Artists, writers, filmmakers, educators, medical professionals, scientists, healers, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, laborers, philanthropists, academics, photographers and storytellers of every ilk from across the globe—the ENDPAIN network is comprised of individuals from every background united by the common belief that mental, physical and emotional pain are nothing to feel shameful or guilty about.

We believe that everyone has a story to tell, and that by sharing our stories of pain and healing, we learn from and better empathize with one another.

We are catalysts for personal and societal change. We promote projects that help heal communities through grassroots efforts, advocate for open and honest dialogues about how our experiences shape our lives, and encourage individuals to replace shame-based narratives surrounding pain and trauma with stories of ownership and pride.

Our network is large and constantly growing. ENDPAIN has no dues or fees and no religious or political affiliations. Together, we believe we can reframe pain in a way that strips the word from its association with weakness or ineptitude. We believe we can minimize suffering by providing functional tools for healing. And we believe we can end the pain of feeling as though we’re alone on this planet we all call home.

Who We Are Graphic


ENDPAIN’s headquarters—an 18,000 square feet warehouse in the heart of West LA where ENDPAIN’s mission comes to life outside the digital arena.


An events space to host interdisciplinary panels, workshops and classes on topics related to the ENDPAIN mission.

An exhibition room where ENDPAIN sponsored artists can present their latest works.

Resident chef, Jessica Koslow, owner of Silver Lake’s SQIRL and author of cookbook Everything I Want To Eat, is opening her new restaurant venture in the building, Summer 2017.

Launching Summer 2017

Meet the Team

Alison Hersel


Executive Director, Founder

As the founder of ENDPAIN, Alison is the driving force behind the brand’s mission and properties. With over a decade of experience in successful creative and corporate ventures, she operates and oversees ENDPAIN by directing the highest-caliber collaborators from various fields of expertise.

Robyn Carey



With experience in mathematics education and corporate medical management, Robyn brings an innate sense of logistics and process improvement to ENDPAIN. Robyn works with each department on global projects and resources, as well as directing the implementation of protocols that align ENDPAIN’s mission with the needs of the organization.

Sherwin Faryabi



With a background in information systems, Sherwin is responsible for leading the development and ongoing maintenance of ENDPAIN’s IT goals. He supports the overall mission of the platform by implementing a shared technological vision crafted together with the various ENDPAIN programs and departments.

Travis Mauck



Travis has shot short-films, music videos, commercials and video spotlights for the past ten years—always with his own unique style, and always with the utmost attention to detail. He now directs, shoots, edits and organizes all of ENDPAIN’s video content.

Bryan Whalen



For the past decade, Bryan has written fiction, creative non-fiction, screenplays, journalism, essays, poetry, and postcards. The former editor of a small literary magazine in Australia, he now edits for ENDPAIN.

James Des Rochers



James is often the first point of contact for alternative practitioners and healers interested in working together with ENDPAIN. Having studied the culinary arts, he is also our resident expert on food and nutrition.

Fraser Hamersly


Executive Assistant

With a degree in philosophy and background in media production, Fraser’s passion for art and literature led her to working at ENDPAIN. As a supportive staff member to the rest of the team, she loves assisting on the diverse range of projects that ENDPAIN produces and curates.

Katie Kirk


Visual Arts Editor

Katie is an artist with an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she studied painting and ceramics. With experience in artist relations and curation, she drives acquisition of visual assets for ENDPAIN’s editorial platforms. She also helps develop ENDPAIN’s art related collaborations drawing on her wealth of experience in events, arts writing, and programming.

Jason Burks

JH Phrydas


JH is a poet and essayist with an MFA from Naropa University where he studied somatic psychology, experimental arts, and queer theory. He brings over 5 years of experience in embodied and process-based writing to ENDPAIN, for whom he is currently producing an interview podcast called LONG STORY SHORT launching summer 2017.

Corrine Rice



A Pacific Northwest native, Corrinne brings a wealth of experience to ENDPAIN from her background in healthcare and non-profit work. Coordinating between departments, she supports our team by developing and implementing operational and technological solutions to streamline workflows and processes.